“It might be unusual, but I've made my first jump out of boredom. My friend was doing solo jumps at the time, and kept telling me stories about skydiving. I told him, there is no way I would make my life depend on a piece of sheet. 

Then I got bored one sunny Sunday morning, called him, and rode my bike to the dropzone. After a while I got bored again, and decided: What the hack, I'm already here. The rest is history.”

Skydiving career

That jump on August 28th of 2005 made such an impact, that decided to pursue obtaining a USPA license. The first goals included being able to participate on night jumps (requires 50 jumps and USPA B license with water training), and become an all-around skydiver. The obvious next step was to qualify for the C (200 jumps), obtain a coach rating, start giving back all the great advices received from my instructors, and help students become safer skydivers with honest, straightforward answers. 

Started flying camera and taking pictures in the season of 2008, and with the help of SDC Rhythm XP, Nathan Dexter, Javier Ortiz and Andy Metcalfe took the ground photography skills to the sky. After being invited to participate at local competitions or at MWSL meets as a camera flyer, and was published in Parachutist, got hired to be part of CSC Pareto Optimal's team for the 2009 season, winning the AA class of NSL Midwest League, and taking 4th place in 4 way intermediate class at 2009 USPA Nationals with only 1 point behind the 3rd team.  The season also included invitations to competitions at Archway Skydiving Center, and Team for a day events organized by SDC Rhythm XP

In 2011 reunited with Tom Bohm [former CSC Pareto Optimal] to be part of CSC Syndicate's training. Got the chance to work along with such legends as Andy Delk and John Hamilton [Arizona Airspeed] also with Tracy Bohm, Keith Fenech and Janna Wynne and been invited to be featured in the 2012 USPA calendar.

After relocating to Skydive Chicago in 2013 was asked to capture the Chuck Finley & TJ Hine organized MMI dives, the 2013 35 way Illinois State Women's Record, the Brian Krause & Craig Girard organized 'D1' dive in honor and celebration of Lew Sanborn and Lew's retirement skydive, followed by multiple publications in Parachutist.

2014 brought the first 2 USPA Nationals medals. A bronze in 4 way advanced class with Dallas Khaos Black, after only seeing videos of the team and a silver with SDC Adrenal8! in 8 way intermediate. The season also brought other challenging and fun dives, such the Roger Ponce & TJ Hine oganized 38 ways and Sandy Grillet's invitational 12 ways during Summerfest.

photo by Zach Lewis©